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The ministries of this church are it's life blood. You will want to become involved where your spiritual needs can be fulfilled and where you can share what God has done in your life. Whether it is joining in community service, local outreach, health ministry, or becoming part of a youth group, we want for you to find a place to serve and a place to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.



Personal Ministries is a combination of Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department which encompasses the areas of outreach and evangelism. Conscious that “every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary” (Desire of Ages, 195), Personal Ministries focuses on training church members for soul winning, and provides resources and expertise in church growth-oriented systems and strategie. 


COMMUNITY SERVICES - Director: W.D. Calhoun 

Part of being a good neighbor, is providing services to our surrounding community. Reaching out to the world as ambassadors for Christ and meet physical, mental, and emotional needs. We are told that “many have no faith in God and have lost confidence in man. But they appreciate acts of sympathy and helpfulness. As they see one with no inducement of earthly praise or compensation coming to their homes, ministering to the sick, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, comforting the sad, and tenderly pointing all to Him . . . their hearts are touched. . . . They see that God cares for them, and as His Word is opened they are prepared to listen.”—Medical Ministry, p. 247.

PATHFINDERS - Director: Sebrina Johnson 

Enlarging their windows on the world and building a relationship with God are the dual objectives of this club, which is designed for children ages 10-15. With nearly 2 million members around the world, this Seventh-day Adventist Church-sponsored club accepts any youth who promises to abide by the Pathfinder Pledge and Law regardless of their church affiliation.   

ADVENTURERS - Director: Abbey Vesprey 

More than one million kids around the world have discovered one of the most fun clubs ever created for them. The Adventurer Club is designed to strengthen parent-child relationships for kids ages 6-9 by providing specialized weekly activities tuned into the many needs of this age group, while simultaneously giving parents opportunities for learning parenting skills and enjoying special activities with their children. 


FAMILY LIFE - Leader: Eld. John & Linda Grier 

Family Life Ministries focuses on people in relationship. It is a ministry that provides tools to help individuals communicate more effectively, deepen commitment in marriage, and assist in becoming better parents. Family ministries helps families grow in love and live in harmoney as the family of God. 


We believe the key to wellness lies in a life of balance and temperance. Nature creates a wealth of good things that lead to vibrant health. Pure water, fresh air and sunlight—when used appropriately—promote clean, healthy lives. Such health is a gift from a loving God who wants us to live life in its abundance. When we benefit from such love, we feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation toward our creator.Because of this, Adventists choose to praise God with joyful living.



Sabbath School leader heads this department in order to facilitate bible study, and outreach in a conversational or group study approach. They do this in the church, and in the community. 



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HOSPITALITY/KITCHEN - Director: Shavon Anderson 

HEAD ELDER - Eld. John Grier

HEAD DEACON - Dorito Guye